Grant Leversha

Author & Photographer ~ Within an African Eden /

“In collaborating with various artists and craftspeople on my Within an African Eden project, I had to ensure that those that I worked with were at the pinnacle of their respective crafts. In researching who would be the eminent illustrator for my cover artwork, it was Raquel’s name that was continuously referred. The work ultimately went on to win 8 International publishing medals against stiff competition from over 34 countries. At the Creativity International Awards hosted in the USA, the tome was the outright Platinum winner in the category of Illustration, Photography & Typography – testimony to the standard of work created by Raquel.”

Liezie Mulder

Owner & Master Chef / île de païn

“Raquel you are wonderful! Thank you for a beautiful book! You made it seem so easy... shall we do it again?”

Anastasia du Toit

Owner / Eden Montessori

"Raquel de Castro Mia is one of the most talented artists I have come across in my many years as both working in - and being an end user of various Marketing and Design Agencies. She possesses that rare and untrainable quality of being able to get into the client’s mind and conjuring up a beautiful image that captures the essence of the client’s business. Her work ethic is impeccable, and her contribution to building our brand immeasurable."

Gail Behr

Business Owner / Homework Clothing - Cape Town

"Working with Raquel is something quite splendid ! .. a combination of talent, energy and long sufferance .. The one stop shop that splashes both colour and competence all over your business .. I believe would be quite impossible to replace ! She enhances everything she touches and it is a privilege working with her .. Always has been and always will be !"

Lesley Douglas

Owner / Story Boutique - Australia

“I think our illustrated product brochure is absolutely wonderful, I love it and am thrilled that I stumbled across Raquel’s design - you have more than exceeded my expectations in translating the brief through your design and illustration, thank you so very much.”

Dr Anndri van Zyl

Owner / Dreyer van Zyl - South Africa

"Designing a logo and "corporate branding" that really complements our business, was a daunting task... We give Raquel as our brand guardian full marks. She went to a lot of trouble to find out more about who we are and what we do, the result is that our unique illustrated brand truly reflects something that we relate to. I ended up enjoying the whole process of branding and website development and look forward to working with her in future."

Marichen Conradie

Science Lecturer

"Raquel's beautiful detailed drawings and stunning photographs of orchids are indelible in my memory!!!.”

A unique approach to all aspects of graphic design

design . illustration . photography

“I love working with people and business owners who have a passion for their business. Ultimately a designer’s role is to visually communicate this. Each project is a journey and each brief a process of exploration. It never stops being interesting and exciting to me.”

Raquel de Castro Maia specialises in illustration, graphic design, and photography. Her passion is to take a creative brief and explore different processes using a combination of techniques and mediums. She works with a combination of hand rendered illustration, photographs, digital illustrations, and graphic design elements. Her work encompasses traditional artistic qualities as well as highly refined computer graphic skill.