Design is the silent ambassador of your brand
~ Paul Rand


Branding can never be seen as a project with a start and an end. It is an incredibly important and never-ending process through which a succinct, long-lasting impression of your business, product or service is created in the minds of your clients.

Branding is on-going – it takes place every time your clients interact with your brand. It is an invisible dialogue that you have control over only if you are aware of the visual message and image that you are portraying.


Raquel takes the time to get to know your company – to establish exactly what your goals and dreams are as a brand. From here with great care we forge your corporate identity with vision and achieve market excellence by combining great ideas with visual creativity and unique flair.

Through excellence in design, illustration, and conceptual processes we create the genetics of your brand and build onto it as your company grows and your visions, business objectives and corporate identity evolve.

Raquel de Castro Maia runs a vibrant branding agency based in Cape Town. Branding and illustration are a high-end signature service. Since 2003 Raquel has been branding and creating corporate identities for start-up businesses as well as large corporates and multi-nationals.


Everything starts with your branding. Your logo and ultimately your brand are your voice. Your point of connection with you and your clients. Branding is the fundamental framework of your business and is of paramount importance to the success of your company and its corporate identity.


It is important to build a brand that encompasses and typifies your company’s traditions and brand values, with exciting potential for development and growth. While your brand image needs to be solidly established in the present, it also needs to look to the future. Forward thinking creativity will help predict and accommodate the needs of an ever-changing community. Your corporate identity starts with your vision to establish a respected and known presence within your given business sector.

Over the years Raquel has been appointed as a specialist branding guardian for new start-up brands as well as well established brands that need a new life injected into their corporate identity and business collateral.

Raquel de Castro Maia has a passion for branding, and prides herself in developing creatively unique brands that explore new territory and still communicate your business values. Through a structured design processes that has evolved from years of experience, Raquel has developed leading brands for clients all over South Africa, the United Kingdom, Qatar, Germany, Zanzibar, Australia, Switzerland and the USA to name a few.

Branding Services include evolving your branding across all your marketing materials from; logo design, branding and corporate identity through to; copywriting, professional photography, branded invitations and stationery, corporate publications, book layout, book covers, booklets, branded brochures, business cards, annual reports, advertising, packaging and signage, unique vector illustration or hand-rendered illustrations, branded hotel and store graphics, branding interiors as well as online branding through website design and development.

Our clients come from various business sectors. Over the years we have developed logos, branding and marketing materials for businesses such as; architects and architectural firms, hotel owners and marketing managers, game lodges and spas, boutique hotels, wine estates, pharmaceutical companies, boutique shops, educational institutes, lawyers, and interior decorators to name a few.