Botanical / Graphic Design

I have always had a very keen interest and love of nature and wild spaces. I feel that man’s well-being resides in the preservation of these spaces. My work explores natural themes and focuses on fine details and delicate aspects that often are overlooked. Thus, depicting the fragility of our environment and exposing a beauty that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Ephemeral, is a body of work that focuses specifically on macro photography of wild orchids found in fynbos environments throughout the Western Cape. The photographs and composite artworks have been translated into a limited-edition book which expresses my deep concern about the receding fynbos areas and the loss of species that we are experiencing as a result. The Orchid being a less prolific species will suffer the effects of over development and loss of habitat acutely, and so it was the main subject for this body of work.

I believe that art and artists for that matter have a huge responsibility. We have the power to express visually and for this reason we can bring down bridges that separate cultures, religion, and entrenched social barriers and beliefs. By expressing ourselves visually we can change lives and circumstances. In relation to my own work, I believe that in visually communicating a personal perspective, which is far reaching, I hope to inspire others to recognise the fragility of the wilderness and the urgency that exists in preserving it.

This body of work is available for purchase in the form of fine art prints.
Please email me for inquiries: raquel@raqueldecastromaia.com

A selection of prints from the series Ephemeral

Ephemeral Project Gallery