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Graphic Design / Packaging

île de païn’s Recipe Card Box set started with days of photography gathering the perfect shots for each recipe. Arriving at île de païn early in the morning where Liezie had prepared a feast to be captured. After photographing all the food, we ate! It was a fabulous experience. The proximity to the subject and working very closely Liezie Mulder and Markus Färbinger gave a wonderful insight into their passion for food, and the way in which they approach each aspect of their art with the utmost care. This informed the approach taken on the project, I wanted to capture their passion and their vision as clearly and as accurately as possible.

And so after a full year of production from start to finish, the box set hit the shelves in the first week of December 2008. By Janury 2009 the limited edition was sold out. It was a remarkable experience.

photography, graphic design, book design

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“Raquel you are wonderful! Thank you for a beautiful book! You made it seem so easy… shall we do it again?”
~ Liezie Mulder, Owner & Master Chef, île de païn