Graphic Design is “the art or profession of visual communication that combines images, words, and ideas to convey information to an audience.”


Raquel de Castro Maia provides professional typesetting, design, illustration and layout solutions that are embellished with exceptional creative flare. We understand how important good design is in communication your vision or selling your products. It is crucial in achieving the responses that you need from your customers. We will work with you to generate ideas and turn your print work into functional masterpieces.

We offer logos, branding, corporate identities, illustration, invitations, packaging, annual reports, point-of-sale print, signage, and web design.

Raquel de Castro Maia has a unique creative approach in assisting you to grow your business and establish a strong brand within your business sector. We believe in a fresh creative approach to graphic design. We enjoy reviewing your current brand or new brand requirements and developing various visual ideas to solve any graphic requirements you may have.

We believe that your brand encompasses who you are and what you aim to achieve as a business. For this reason, we work closely with our clients throughout any graphic design process. Our aim is to communicate visually the goals and ideas that will underpin the success of their business. We pride ourselves in learning about their businesses in order to help develop the project brief that is to initiate all graphic design processes. Throughout the process, we analyse your business and propose new ideas on marketing materials and concepts to be explored in your marketing and advertising plan.

We also care about what your clients are saying about your branding, and this forms a huge part of our understanding as your clients will ultimately determine the success of your business. What we plan for your graphic design campaign will need to speak to the people that will ultimately fall in love with your brand – your clients.


this is how we tackle a graphic design project

How To Get Started

Raquel de Castro Maia will enter into consultation with you to help you define the project brief. This involves determining the target audience the key selling points or defining the difference between their product and the competitors. We have several specialist copy writers and translators on the extended team who can be consulted to add further depth to the content and copy in your marketing materials to ensure that the message is clear and direct.
The next step in the graphic design process involves research, we need to understand the business sector and the competition to define the most pertinent elements and unique selling points. With this background research under the belt it is time to put pen to paper. Virtually all Graphic Design projects start this way in our agency, having had traditional graphic design and fine art training informs all the graphic work that Raquel’s design studio produce.

Working through visual concepts and stages in the design process we are able to present the work to clients throughout South Africa and internationally via dedicated online project areas to track the live progress of all graphic design produced from our Cape Town based design studio.